This is the second half of the conversation that we started in Episode 32. Bobby Mote is a World Champion Bareback Rider that offered Ashanti Samuels a path out of his rough life in the ghettos of Atlanta.

This is another chapter in the story of Ashanti Samuels that Brett Gingold (co-host) of this episode is seeking to turn into a documentary. This is an entertaining episode with funny and inspirational stories of Ashanti when he reached out to Bobby asking if he could teach him “how to ride buckin’ horses.”

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Episode 32: Bobby Mote – Four Time World Champion Bareback Rider

Questions Asked On This Episode

  1. Tell us about the first time that you talked to Ashanti.
  2. How much of Ashanti’s story did you know before he actually came out to your place?
  3. Were there any funny stories you can share of Ashanti’s first couple of months in Oregon?
  4. How did race play a factor in the story?
  5. Did you or your wife have any doubts or concerns about opening your house up to a stranger?
  6. Do you feel like you had to make any radical moves in your own career to get to where you wanted to be?
  7. Did you and Ashanti ever have discussions about the mental side of bareback riding?
  8. How much were you a coach to him versus him picking up skills from being around a rodeo environment?
  9. How critical would you say that it is to have a single goal?