On this episode, I sit down with Aaron Smith. The man behind @husbandrevolution. Together wife his wife, Jennifer, they run three different platforms, Unveiled Wife, Husband Revolution, and Marriage After God. In our conversation we dive into Aaron and Jennifer Smith’s backstory and talk about how they got started.

In addition to that we talk about: their tool belt, the idea of a “tool belt” that all of us have (whether we know it or not), we talk about blending ministry and business, and lastly I think one of the more profound things is how Aaron and Jennifer found their purpose through saying “yes” again and again. Which after all, is the number one thing I’m obsessed with and why I made this podcast in the first place: pursuing your life’s purpose.

Then I just want to add some side commentary… this particular conversation with Aaron was incredible for me, and it almost turned into a counseling session as Aaron probed at my habit of categorizing people and making judgements of people based on their appearance as opposed to their fruit. I think that we all love the motivational quotes that talk about pursuing our dreams boldly, and not caring about what anyone else thinks. But, in this conversation I realized that my habit of judging was causing me to fear that I will be judged if I live the life that I am called to live. I don’t know if that makes any sense to any of you, but maybe it will be the end of the episode.

I loved this conversation with Aaron, and I am inspired by his confidence in who he is in Christ, and that he doesn’t care what other people think of him. Which is something that I have struggled with for a long time, just being comfortable being me. Anyways, without rambling too much more lets dive into this counseling session, I mean conversation with Aaron Smith.

Quotes from this episode:

  • “Don’t sacrifice your marriage on the alter of ministry.”
  • “My wife and I have this term that we call “our tool belt.” It’s all of the things in your life — the experiences, the relationships, the resources, the education. It’s all of the things that make up who you are that God wants to use for what he’s doing.”
  • “If we don’t make money on the book, if we don’t have a viable business, we can’t sell that book. No one will get the book. If we give away the book for free, then no one gets the book. The fact that people buy the book allow us to keep making the book.”
  • “We give books away a lot, people often say they can’t afford one and we give them a book. We don’t do that for everyone, but we’ve given away a lot of books. But that doesn’t matter, how many books we give away does not allow us to make money on the rest of the books, that’s the wrong mentality.”
  • “Everything that this business-ministry has turned into, it’s not ours, it’s Gods and we are trying to serve him. So at the end of the day every decision we make we should be honoring God with it.”
  • “We all have influence.”
  • “Most men, and people in general, don’t recognize the influence that we have. Either we are positively intentionally leading them towards Christ, or you are passively influencing them the other way.”
  • “Until you can identify who you are, your podcast is going to go no where.”
  • “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step.”
  • “All of the giftings talents and resources, and your relationship with Christ should be first felt in the home. It is a radiating effect. If your wife and children are benefiting from your talents, meaning your not bringing home the bacon. meaning they aren’t being benefited and blessed by your giftings and talents and resources. Why would you give them to someone else?”
  • “Invest well. Invest family first. Invest in your relationship with God. Invest in your children. Invest in your neighbors. Invest in your fellowship. Invest in the world. For him. Not for your own glory. Not for your own platform. Those things come as fruits.”
  • “When you have your priorities in order, ministry becomes a natural extension.”

Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • Understanding that running a business does not exclude running a ministry, nor does running a ministry exclude running a business.
  • How are we positively influencing our wives?
  • Everyone has influence.
  • We don’t know people by their appearance, but by their fruit.

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