Today, I found another thing that I love doing. I was pitching a contract for $28,000 to a client, and I loved the excitement and the adrenaline rush that it is to try and read  a room of people, and try to win them over to see things your way.

There is an incredible art in pitching and selling things to people or businesses, but I am fascinated by the process. I think it is really fun to think quickly on your feet, and make quick adjustments on the fly. The other thing that I realized today was that it is so much easier to pitch and sell things that you are passionate about.

On the way to the presentation I had a unique opportunity that I rarely have and that was getting to essentially rehearse what I was going to say, and why I was going to say. This is because Maggie asked me what my plan was, and what the strategy was in presenting the idea to the committee.

My typical process is in a few different steps

  • Prepare mentally. This is the most important thing I think I have learned, and that is because you have to prepare for the obstacles and objections that people are going to propose. You must figure out how you are going to respond before you get there.
  • Read the room and engage them. Immediately when I walk-in I will look for a way that I can connect with people. Try to find something to talk about that I have in common with them, and then maybe laugh a little bit or ease the tension with some light-hearted remarks
  • Listen. Although at this stage in the game we have already listened very well, and that is how we came up with the contract. But, I think that it is important that right before you start presenting, you check in with them again, and make sure that everything is right on track since last time we talked. I also, take very good mental notes on any potential concerns or ideas that they have, because I will need to make sure that I utilize that piece of information in my pitch.
  • Start with the big picture. I start with the overall philosophy, and I try to explain an analogy to frame the contract I’m about to dive into.
  • Move through the rest of the presentation, strategically delegating and distributing the talking points to other people that are present on our team.
  • The Price. The price is the very last thing that is presented, and that is because I feel that you need to get them excited about what it is that you are selling. But, more importantly you must make sure that understand the value of the project or proposal prior to the presentation of the cost.

This writing challenge has been a challenge lately, because I fell off the bandwagon, but then on top of that when I “got back on” I didn’t get onto the morning train. So what happens is I find myself spending time, moments before going to bed, checking things off my list of things to do for the day.